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Welcome to Crewe Roofing Company's website! We're delighted you've chosen to explore what we have to offer. At Crewe, our goal is to provide top-notch service and the highest quality roofing materials in the business. With decades of experience under our belt, we are confident that you'll be more than satisfied with the results of your project. Whether it's a residential or commercial job, we guarantee satisfaction from start to finish.

Our team at Crewe has an unwavering commitment to excellence when it comes to all aspects of roofing services; from consultation and design through installation and maintenance. Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you every step of the way so that you can rest assured knowing that your roof is in good hands. Take a look around our website for further information about how we can help make your dream roof come true!

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Roof Replacement

At Crewe Roofing Company, we recognize how essential dependable roof repair and replacement services are. That's why we guarantee budget-friendly services and outstanding customer service to ensure you get the best value for your money. With our years of experience in the business, our excellent track record speaks for itself. We have earned the trust of numerous content customers and are the number one choice for roofing needs. Don't settle for anything less - choose Crewe Roofing Company for all your roofing requirements!

Roof Repair

Are you looking for a reliable roof repair service? If the damage to your roof isn't too severe and the parts needed are available, then repairing it could be a great option. Here at Crewe Roofing Company, we specialize in roof repair. Have a look at our services to see how we can help you today.

Leak Remediation

If you're seeing signs of water damage in your home such as dripping ceilings or wet walls, it's very likely that your roof is leaking. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, so be sure to contact the professionals at Crewe Roofing Company right away.

Replacing Roof

Types Of Roofing Services We Offer

At Crewe Roofing Company, we offer a wide range of roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced roofers near me provide reliable roof installation and repair to ensure you have a safe and functional roof over your head. We understand that every project is unique and use only the highest quality materials when working on your property. From simple repairs to full-scale replacements, our team of certified roofing contractors can get the job done right.

Our comprehensive list of services includes shingle replacement, gutter cleaning, skylight installations, leak repair, vent sealing and more. Whether you need minor maintenance or major structural modifications to your roof, our skilled crew of roofing contractors near me are here to help. We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure all your needs are met and that any questions or concerns you may have are addressed promptly.

We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch results at an affordable price. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized by our loyal customers who continue to come back for additional services year after year. If you’re looking for dependable roof repair in the area, trust us at Crewe Roofing Company for all your home improvement needs!

Different Materials Used In Roofing

At Crewe Roofing Company, we offer a wide range of roofing services from minor repairs to complete re-roofs. Our experienced team is well versed in all types of roofs and materials. Now, let's take a look at the different materials used when it comes to roofing.

Roofing companies near me typically use asphalt shingle or metal as the primary material for residential projects because they are durable and cost effective. Asphalt shingle will last up to 25 years while metal can hold up for 40 years or more depending on your climate. Other options include wood shake which gives an aesthetic charm but requires regular maintenance and may not be ideal for areas with heavy rains; clay tiles that provide excellent insulation but require professional installation due to its weight; and slate, which is one of the longest lasting roofing materials you can find but also very expensive.

Metal Roofing

No matter what type of material you choose, it must be installed by an experienced professional who understands how each material works in order to ensure quality performance over time. At Crewe Roofing Company, our experts have been providing top notch service since 1976 so you can rest assured knowing that your roof was installed correctly and safely.

Shingle Roof

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Roofing Contractor

Working with a professional roofing contractor has several advantages. For starters, it ensures the work is done properly and to industry standards. A good contractor can also provide you with expert advice on how best to approach your project and what materials are needed for the job. Moreover, they have access to better quality supplies than DIY stores, so the finished product looks great and lasts longer.

Hiring a professional roofer also means that any associated safety risks are taken care of by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing – no more worrying about whether or not you’ve installed something correctly. Furthermore, should something go wrong down the line then there is less chance of costly repairs being necessary as most contractors offer guarantees on their workmanship – providing further peace of mind.

Choosing a reputable roofer will ensure your home remains well-protected from the elements throughout the year, while saving time in having someone else do all the hard work for you; leaving you free to relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Reasons People Choose Pelican Bay Roofing

Quality Materials

We supply and install only the best quality materials available on the market to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime


Fully accredited online by numerous organizations and with may 5-star reviews on Google

Qualified Workers

We have the know-how and professionalism you can rely on to give you peace of mind throughout your roofing project


Our phone line is always open for any questions, issues or concerns you may have regarding your roofing project


We attend to your needs as soon as possible with the appropriate courtesy, care and diligence


We provide our valued customers with a full one-year warranty on our workmanship and material-based warranties

How To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor

Choosing the right roofing contractor for your project is an important decision. It's essential to select a professional you can trust with one of the largest investments in your home or business. Here are some tips on how to choose the best roofing contractor for your needs:

* Do Your Homework:

* Research online and ask around for referrals from people who have recently used a roofer’s services. Read reviews, compare credentials, check licenses and insurance coverage, look at past projects they've completed, and confirm their credibility through sources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

* Make sure that any potential contractors meet local building codes. Ask questions about warranties and guarantees too!

 Roof Repair

* Get Estimates:

* When talking to potential contractors, be clear about what type of work you need done and get multiple estimates before making a final selection. The lowest bid isn't always necessarily the best deal - consider quality, reputation, customer service history as well as price when choosing a company.

* Be aware of scammers offering extremely low prices – if it seems too good to be true then it probably is! Check out any special offers carefully so you know exactly what’s included in the quote.

Once you have identified several qualified candidates who offer competitive pricing and positive references, set up meetings with each one to discuss your specific needs. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate them personally and determine which company is right for you based on factors such as professionalism and communication style.

Metal Roofing

When To Consider Roof Replacement

Choosing the right roofing contractor for your project is an important decision. While there are many experienced professionals who can provide quality services, you should take time to research and consider multiple options before making a selection. Once you have chosen a reliable roofer, it’s essential to understand when replacing your roof may be necessary.

In general, older roofs that have not been maintained or inspected regularly should be replaced more frequently than newer ones. Asphalt shingles typically last around 20 years, while metal roofs can usually go up to 40 years with proper care. If your roof is nearing its expected lifespan and showing signs of wear and tear like buckling or curling shingles, missing granules on asphalt shingle surfaces, moss growth, rotting wood decking underlayment beneath the shingles then it's probably time to start considering replacement. Additionally, if you have noticed any leaks in your attic space after heavy rain storms or snow accumulation, this could also indicate a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

It's best to call in a professional roofer inspect your home so they can properly evaluate the condition of both interior and exterior components and make recommendations accordingly. They will be able to assess any damage caused by weather-related events such as hail or strong winds and advise what type of repair work needs to be done - if any - as well as whether total replacement would be more beneficial in the long run.

People Say The Nicest Things

Crewe Roofing Company did a fantastic job on our roof! They were extremely professional, worked efficiently, and the end result was perfect. Highly recommend them.

James Debolt

I recently had my roof replaced by Crewe Roofing Company and couldn't be more pleased. Their attention to detail was top-notch, and they completed the job in a timely manner. I'm very happy with the results.

Bradley Brown

I had a great experience working with Crewe Roofing Company. They were very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. The price was fair and the job was done to perfection. Highly recommend!

Janet Hanekamp

How To Prepare For Roofing Projects

Preparing for roofing projects is essential if you want the job to be done correctly. Here are some tips on how to get started:

- Make sure you have proper safety equipment, such as hard hats and protective glasses, before starting any project. Wear closed-toe shoes too and keep your hair tied back.

- Take accurate measurements of the area you will be working on so that you can order materials accordingly. It's also important to research local building regulations regarding roofing systems in your location.

- Have all necessary tools handy, including a hammer, pry bar, utility knife, level, drill with bits, caulking gun etc. Additionally, make sure to double check that these tools are functioning properly prior to use.

- Lastly, practice proper ladder safety when accessing higher areas where work needs to be done; never stand on the top two steps of a ladder or lean it against an unstable surface.

By following these guidelines and taking the time to do adequate preparation beforehand, you'll ensure that your next roofing project goes smoothly from start to finish!

Safety Tips For Roofing Projects

Roofing projects can seem daunting, but with the right safety tips they don't have to be. Before starting any job, it's important to take all necessary precautions and ensure your own safety as well as that of those around you. For starters, never work on a wet or slippery surface; if there's rain in the forecast, wait until it passes before beginning work. Make sure you're wearing appropriate clothing such as long pants, closed-toe shoes and gloves, and keep an eye out for flying debris while working at height.

Electrical hazards are also something to look out for when roofing—electrocution is one of the most common causes of workplace death in the industry. To reduce this risk, always use tools which have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and check that power cords are undamaged and properly grounded throughout the duration of the project. Also be aware of overhead lines when using ladders or scaffolding equipment—never assume they’re safe just because they’re not near your workspace.

Finally, pay attention to ventilation when you're up on a roof for an extended period—inhaling chemicals from adhesives or solvents can cause serious health complications. Always make sure there's adequate fresh air circulating through the area so fumes aren't accumulating in enclosed spaces. With these simple steps in mind, roofers will feel confident tackling their next project safely and efficiently.

Metal Roofing Advantages

Metal is an incredibly strong material and can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. It's highly durable and doesn't require much maintenance. This makes it a great choice for homeowners who want something that will last them a long time with minimal effort required. Plus, metal roofs come in many styles and colors so you can find one that fits your home perfectly.

Metal roofs are also energy efficient as they reflect heat away from the home, helping keep cooling costs down during hotter months. They're also fire resistant which provides extra protection against potential disasters. Additionally, metal roofs don’t dent or break like other materials do, making them even more resilient to various elements. All these benefits make metal roofing an attractive option when considering new roof installation or replacement needs.

Professional Roof Installation Process

ow that you have the safety tips for roofing projects, let’s take it a step further and look at what goes into a professional roof installation process. Firstly, there are certain materials needed in order to complete any project:

* Roof panels

* Fasteners

* Trim pieces

* Flashing material

* Adhesive or sealant

The next step is to measure the area of your home where you will be installing the new roof. This includes measuring both the length and width so that you can determine how much material will be needed for your specific project. After this measurement has been taken, calculations must then be made on which type of shingle size and color best fits with your desired aesthetic.

Roof Repair

Once all necessary components have been purchased, preparation begins by completely removing any existing shingles from the surface before beginning installation. It's important to check each layer underneath as well, ensuring that no underlying issues exist prior to moving forward with the process. Any damaged wood should also be replaced before continuing with installation. The final part of this process involves laying down tar paper over the entire surface and then starting to install shingles row by row until finished. With proper preparation and attention-to-detail during execution, you can ensure a quality job when using professionals for your roofing needs!

Professional Leak Detection

Are you worried about a possible leak in your roof? Don't let it become a bigger problem! Our professional team at Crewe Roofing Company will provide you with the best and most reliable leak detection services available. We use state-of-the-art technology to detect any water leaks in your property, ensuring that all potential risks are identified before they can cause greater damage.

Our specialized team is highly experienced and trained to identify even the smallest of leaks, using their knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose any issues before they become bigger problems. With our extensive range of advanced tools and equipment, we guarantee accurate results on every job. Furthermore, we take great care when inspecting for leakage so as not to damage or disrupt any existing structures or materials.

At Crewe Roofing Company, we understand how important it is to protect your home from possible water damages. That's why we strive to provide fast and efficient service while taking into consideration both safety measures as well as cost effectiveness. You can trust us to deliver top quality workmanship and excellent customer service each time—guaranteed!

Professional Roof Inspection

From roof restoration to roof inspection, Crewe Roofing Company is your go-to for all of your professional roofing needs. Our team of experienced professionals are here to ensure that you get the best service available.

Whether it’s a full renovation or just an inspection, we guarantee quality results:

* Renovations:

* Total repairs and maintenance services

* Installation of new roofs, tiles, and gutters

* Inspections:

* Thorough examinations of existing structures

* Identification and recommendation of necessary repairs

With our years of knowledge in the industry, you can trust us with any issues you may be having with your current roofline system. We strive to provide excellent customer service while ensuring that safety protocols are followed during every job we do. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help make sure your home has a secure roof above its head!

Installing Professional Roof Tiles

Now that you know what we can do with shingles, let's talk about another type of roofing material: tiles. Professional tile installation requires a certain level of precision and skill to ensure the longevity of your new roof. Here at Crewe Roofing Company, our experienced teams are trained in top-of-the-line tiling techniques and will deliver superior results for all types of roofs.

When it comes to installing tiles, there are several advantages over other materials like shingles. Specifically, these benefits include:

* Longer lifespan - Tiles have been known to last up to 50 years or longer when properly installed and maintained.

* Weather Resistance - Tile is much more durable than asphalt shingles and better able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail, wind and rain.

* Fire Resistance - Clay and concrete tiles provide an additional layer of protection against fire damage due to their non-combustible nature.

* Energy Efficiency - Many different types of tile offer insulation properties which help reduce energy bills by keeping temperatures inside cooled during summer months and warm during winter months.

* Low Maintenance - With regular maintenance, tile does not require as much repair work compared to other roofing materials, allowing homeowners peace of mind knowing their roof should stay strong for many years after installation.

At Crewe Roofing Company, we understand how important it is for your home’s exterior aesthetic appeal but also its structural integrity; therefore, no matter what type of project you have in mind, our team is here to make sure that the job gets done right!

Advantages Of Working With A Crewe Roofing Company

When it comes to your roofing needs, you want the best of the best. With a Crewe Roofing Company on your side, that's exactly what you'll get! Our experienced and certified team of professionals provides quality services with an attention to detail like no other. Every job is done right the first time, which saves you both time and money in the long run.

From installation and repair to maintenance and inspection, our staff has everything covered for all residential and commercial projects. We use only the highest quality materials available so that we can guarantee a reliable solution that stands up to all types of weather conditions. And with years of experience under our belt, we understand how important it is for customers to have their roofs working properly at all times without having any concerns about them failing prematurely.

No matter what type of project you have in mind, from small repairs to full-scale renovations, Crewe Roofing Company will provide exceptional service every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each customer receives nothing short of their desired results while being treated with respect throughout the entire process. So why wait? Let us show you why choosing Crewe is the right choice when looking for a professional roofer who puts your satisfaction first.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will A Roofing Project Typically Take?

A roofing project typically takes anywhere from a few days to over a month, depending on the size and complexity of the job. It's important to speak with your contractor about how long they expect it will take before beginning any work so you know what to expect.

What Warranties And Guarantees Do You Offer On Your Roofing Services?

At Crewe Roofing Company, we're committed to providing our customers with the best roofing services available. That's why all of our projects come with a 10-year guarantee on materials and labor. We also offer warranties for any repairs or replacements that may be needed in the future. Our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind knowing your roof will remain safe and secure for years to come.

How Much Will A Roofing Project Cost?

At Crewe Roofing Company, we understand that many customers have questions about the cost of roofing services. Generally speaking, a roofing project's cost can depend on several factors such as size and complexity. We offer free estimates so our team can assess your property and provide you with an accurate estimate for the entire job. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Are There Any Additional Fees I Should Be Aware Of?

Yes, there can be additional fees associated with a roofing project. These may include permits required by local authorities or charges for disposal of any materials that need to be removed from the job site. It's also important to keep in mind that some roofers will charge extra for services like hauling away debris and cleaning up afterwards. Be sure to ask your contractor about any potential additional fees before signing an agreement.

What Safety Measures Do You Take To Ensure The Safety Of Your Workers And Customers?

At Crewe Roofing Company, safety is our top priority. We take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of both our workers and customers during projects. All team members are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, work boots, and gloves at all times for their own protection. Furthermore, we use scaffolding or staging platforms along with guardrails to protect against falls from height. Our staff also receive regular training on safe working practices to reduce risks when handling ladders or operating power tools.

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